Administrative Policies and Procedures

The program adheres to all AACI Policies and Procedures. A complete copy of the most recent AACI Personnel Handbook will be available to you on the company Intranet. In addition, the training program has designed procedures to address issues specific to this program.

Internship Supervisee Weekly Log of Activities

Interns are required to submit a completed “Internship Supervisee Weekly Log of Activities” form to all supervisors at the end of each month.

  • A copy of the completed form should be retained by the primary supervisor.
  • This form is for reference only and should not be submitted to the Board of Psychology unless specifically asked to do so.

Time Off Request Policies

The training program time off request policies differ from AACI staff policy in certain aspects. Unlike regular employees, interns and receive an allotment of 80 hours of time off, as well as agency holidays. Time off hours are to be used for illness, vacation, etc.

Because interns provide clinical services, there are certain restrictions on when leave time may be used and for how long. Interns may be denied leave by a supervisor if the supervisor believes taking leave for a requested time period or for a requested duration would jeopardize clinical services or patient well-being.

Similarly, interns may not take leave time during the last two weeks of the internship program. This is because the final two weeks are a clinically critical time in the closing and transfer of cases. Exceptions can be made at the discretion of the Internship & Training Manager.

Note: the required holiday shutdown on the last week of December is counted toward the eighty hours of vacation. No other additional time off will be provided without preapproval from the Internship & Training Manager. All leave in excess of a total of eighty hours will be subtracted from the total accrued hours. An extension of internship/training must be preapproved by the Training Manager, and there is no guarantee that an extension will be allowed. Additional leave is available for attending conferences and educational opportunities based on amount of absences accrued and staffing decisions. Conference leave cannot be used toward accrual of SPE unless supervision of clinical hours occurs during this time period.

Sick Leave

If an intern cannot attend work due to sudden illness, the intern should notify their primary clinical supervisor, the Internship & Training Manager and training/group supervision facilitators (if appropriate). In addition, the intern should notify any clients scheduled for that day.

In the event of prolonged absences due to illness (e.g. 3 weeks or more), the intern’s client cases will be transferred to other providers as clinically appropriate.

Mileage Reimbursement

Because of the nature of our training program and point of need service delivery models, interns should expect to travel as part of their training experience. Some automobile mileage is considered a reasonable business expense, for which a intern may request reimbursement. Other travel is considered travel to work, and would NOT be covered. Your supervisor will clarify any questions you have. Some general guidelines are provided below:

  1. When a intern travels to the agency main office or other work site, that is considered commute to work and is not reimbursed. Similarly, when a intern leaves the work site at the end of a work day and commutes home, the mileage is not reimbursed.
  2. Travel from one work site to another during the course of a day is reimbursable.
  3. Travel from a work site to a seminar location is reimbursable. Travel to home, from a seminar site would NOT be reimbursed as it would be considered one’s commute home.

In accordance with AACI policy, reimbursement for mileage, travel and authorized out-of-pocket expenses must be submitted through AACI’s online Certify system within 60 days from the date of travel or expenses incurred.


The interns will be paid a stipend of $25,000 for the entire internship year, to be paid at a bi-monthly rate.