Training Outcomes

As part of AACI’s ongoing APA self-study and commitment to providing a dynamic training program that adapts to the needs of interns in the field of psychology, the Internship & Training Manager records data that is produced while interns are currently in the AACI training program (proximal data) and data from 1 year post-internship at AACI (distal data). Numerical information from the intern evaluation form (for proximal data) and from a post-internship questionnaire that incorporates each item from the intern evaluation form to determine the internship program’s effectiveness at training interns for their career in psychology (distal data) are both aggregated and extrapolated to inform the training program of areas in which it would require additional changes in an effort to attempt to ensure programmatic success.

The following is our proximal data from the 2016-2017 training year, as well as our distal data from previous training years. This data will be updated on the AACI internship website on an annual basis.

(PDF) 2016-2017 Proximal Data
(PDF) Distal Data