Doctoral Internship in Clinical Psychology

AACI is a member of the Association of Psychology Postdoctoral and Internship Centers (APPIC) and is currently accepting applications for APPIC Pre-doctoral Internships for Training Year 2016-2017. Our doctoral internship in clinical psychology is fully APA accredited as of 7/22/18, with our next APA site visit to be held in 2020.

All prospective interns should submit their applications through the AAPI system that includes the following items:

The AACI Doctoral Internship in Clinical Psychology is a member of the Association of Psychology Post-doctoral and Internship Centers (APPIC). We abide by the APPIC policies regarding doctoral internship applications, selection of candidates, and notification of their application status. All applicants are required to register for the APPIC Match and submit their applications online according to the procedures adopted by APPIC.

Each of the following items is required for consideration for interview candidates:

A cover letter that describes your interest in the training program at AACI, as well as your comfort level and experience with providing community-based therapy services in a client’s home or other community environment(s), and the specific program(s) to which you are applying (AOA, F&C, and/or CST) and why. Applicants who do not include this information in their cover letters will not be considered for an interview.         

Current Curriculum Vitae

3 Letters of Recommendation (minimum of 2 from past practicum supervisors).

Copy of Graduate School Transcripts

Copy of a de-identified integrated psychological assessment completed by the applicant (mock reports completed in a university classroom will not be accepted). WAIS-IV and WISC-V administration preferred as a part of the sample submitted.


Applicants will be notified via email by December 21, 2018 if they will be invited for an interview. Interviews will be conducted from January 14th – January 25, 2019.  The format of the interview process includes both individual and group.  Be prepared to respond to case vignettes.  It is preferred that interviewees be present on site for the interview.  Requests to meet with specific staff are invited.

Late or incomplete applications will not be considered.

For more information on APPIC, please go to:

Hours required for internship year: 2000
Stipend: $25,000