AACI is a member of the Bay Area Practicum Information Collaborative (BAPIC) for the 2019-2020 training year.

Applicants for BAPIC Psychology Practicum must submit:

1. A cover letter that describes your interest in the training program at AACI, as well as your comfort level and experience with providing community-based therapy services in a client’s home or other community environment(s), and the specific track(s) to which you are applying (Adult Track, Child Track, and/or Integrated Behavioral Health (IBH) Track) and why. Note: the IBH track requires that the trainee speaks Mandarin, Cantonese, or Spanish. Applicants who do not include this information in their cover letters will not be considered for an interview. Note: the track in which an applicant matches will determine the majority of their client base. However, all applicants may receive additional clients from various age groups or programs.

2. Current Curriculum Vitae

3. 3 Letters of Recommendation (minimum of 2 from past practicum supervisors).

4. OPTIONAL: Copy of a de-identified integrated psychological assessment completed by the applicant (mock reports completed in a university classroom will not be accepted). WAIS-IV and WISC-V administration preferred as a part of the sample submitted. This is only a requirement if a trainee would like to be considered for an additional testing component to their training.

Application deadline: 2/20/19

BAPIC Match Day: 4/10/19

Practicum Start Date: 8/1/2019

Practicum End Date: 7/31/2019

Please send applications to: Anthony Miner, Psy.D.

Senior Manager of Internship & Training


Gordon N. Chan Community Services Center

2400 Moorpark Avenue, Suite 300

San Jose, CA 95128

Late or incomplete applications will not be considered.

For more information on BAPIC, please go to: Hours required for practicum year: 500+ hours Stipend: None at this time